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About Doug

I had been a failure in business but soon became a success in recovery. Once that happened, I also became a business success.


What enabled me to be successful in my recovery was being teachable. I surrendered. I went all in. I once heard someone say they were recovering because they had used up their lifetime drinking allotment. That was sure the case for me. I also had been hitting bottom after new bottom. 

My Leadership and Recovery Coaching

I quit at everything I ever tried. I was arrested once. I should have been arrested 100 times or more. I lost every relationship I had. Hell, even the drug dealers got tired of my crap.


It all came to a head when I was 28 years old. I came out of a blackout on a plane landing in Dallas. The gig was up. That's the day of my last drink.


I lost my business. I almost lost my family. But I gained a whole new way of living. I became a completely different person. I was motivated since I didn't like the person I had become.


I'm grateful that I lost that business. It put me on a career path I would never have chosen. One that enabled me to merge my passion for recovery, leadership, and helping people.


I went to work for The Sharper Image. It was there that I learned about standards and expectations. I then went to work for Bose Corporation, where I led a 1,200-person division. Something I would never have dreamed of before recovery. I was stretched more as a person and leader than I knew I could achieve. I also was the CEO of a national title company. 


I've made mistakes along the way. I've also done a lot of things right. Most importantly, I continued to grow in my recovery and as a leader. Daily. Something I'm passionate about.


I'm now a business advisor, consultant, coach, and keynote speaker. I still go to three weekly meetings at my home group and love my sober life. 


I've sponsored a lot of guys. I've mentored and coached a lot of successful people. I always thought it was a fine line between the two. That's how Recovery and Leadership Coaching came together—blending that line.


I work with people who get that you don't have a professional and recovery life. You have a life. One that has incredible opportunities if you don't drink, drug, or whatever your addiction is. 


Recovery is where I learned to become a strong leader. Leading is where I learned to practice my program. With over 35 years of doing both, I can help you grow faster as a leader in recovery. I can also help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come from being in recovery with a lot of expectations and responsibilities. Whether you're an executive, business owner, or manager doesn't matter. Or what your industry and leadership position is. Or if you're newly sober or have a lot of time under your belt. If you're a leader in recovery that wants to grow, I know I can help you.


I'm both direct and empathetic. I don't waste time. I practice Relentless Simplicity. We'll focus on the things that matter most. Together, we'll make you a better leader and person. I'm positive about that.


I'd welcome the opportunity to work together and help shape the next part of your story. 

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