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The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life)
Transform Your Work and Life with One-Day Success
New book coming September 12, 2023

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) shows us that true success is built by having one good day after another. This engaging book by daily performance expert Doug Fleener challenges conventional views of work and personal achievement by emphasizing the transformative power of a single day. 


Discover the concept of One-Day Success as you delve into the six principles and accompanying practices. Whether you aspire to excel in your work, personal growth, overall well-being, or all three, these principles will guide you in maximizing the potential of each day - which creates long-term success.

The Day Makes the Year Book Cover.jpg

The book draws from the recovery experiences of millions who had been at their lowest points in life to find success, happiness, and serenity. Learn the remarkable growth that occurs when you embrace the principles of One-Day Success. They enable you to elevate your performance, reduce stress, create more opportunities, and achieve higher results. In just one day.


About the author

As a daily performance expert, Doug Fleener is a sought-after business advisor, coach, and keynote speaker renowned for his expertise in helping companies and individuals achieve long-term results by maximizing single-day performance. His work is grounded in over thirty years of personal and business growth, which took him from a broke, out-of-work drug addict to CEO to an international thought leader. 

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