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Coaching Program

My Recovery and Leadership Coaching Program is for executives, business owners, and managers in recovery. The goal is for you to become a more effective leader and person. It blends a 12-step focus with my Everyday Leadership and Coaching approach. With many clients, I also help participants balance work, life, and a program.


My coaching consists of a weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one Zoom or phone call. In the first month, it is a requirement to do a weekly one-on-one. You will also have access to me via text and email between our one-on-ones.


Each program is designed based on the client's sobriety length, leadership position, and targeted goals. The fee is a sliding scale based on the type of position and company.


It is important to note that my coaching should not be considered a substitute for seeking the assistance of a therapist, psychiatrist, or physician. But I have helped hundreds of people in recovery and business, and I know I can help you be a more effective happy sober leader. 


Consider me your business and leadership sponsor. If you are active in a recovery program, I am not a substitute for having a recovery sponsor. The majority of our focus will be on your work and leadership. 


I welcome the opportunity to have an introductory call without you sharing your name and company. If anything, we'll have a great recovery conversation. 


Call or Text 617-340-9041 to talk, or email me. You can also use the contact form.

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