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A Simple Benchmark

I have a simple benchmark for living. In every interaction with someone, is that person better or worse off from engaging with me? Did I add value to their life or not?

Think about it. Is the cashier better or worse off when checking you out? If I say something nice to the person and thank them, they’re better off. If I’m rudely talking on the phone, something I would never do but use as an example, they are not better off since my actions said I didn’t value them.

As a leader, every employee must be better off from their interactions with you. Same with customers and vendors.

As a person in recovery, it is vital to your sobriety that people be better off, too. If not, those are often the old selfish behaviors that take us back to the person we were. And we know where that person will take you.

Try it out. It’s a highly effective benchmark for living.

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