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Character Defects

Character defects are negative qualities or traits that hinder our personal growth, work and personal relationships, and overall well-being. These defects can manifest in various ways, such as selfishness, dishonesty, lack of empathy, pride, anger, jealousy, short-tempered, etc.

One of the challenging parts of recovery is learning that you have many more character defects than you knew. Well, that and discovering how these character defects had a stranglehold on your sobriety, well-being, and happiness.

One of the benefits of working on yourself in recovery is learning to let go of so many of your defects. Of course, it is progress, not perfection.

I have worked through and let go of most of my character defects. That is, until….someone upsets me. My reactions are always a more significant challenge than my actions.

That’s why I have a mantra that I say almost daily:

Don’t let someone else’s character defects bring out mine.

I always have a choice in how I react. Having a choice helped me be an even-keeled leader. Something that employees appreciate. It’s also made me a lot happier person.

Remember, you always have a choice to let your character defects come out or not.

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