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Leader thinking about his consistency

Consistency is vital in recovery. And for most of us, it was not a strength of ours. Before getting into recovery, I was only consistent about using and being hungover. Okay, lying and stealing as well.

I had to learn to be consistent. I needed discipline in my life. Something as simple as getting up at the same time each day made a difference. Going to the same meetings. Over time I was more consistent and, as a result, more predictable for those around me.

Consistency is also vital in leadership. Have you ever worked for an inconsistent leader? It's both maddening and exhausting. It also is a terrible drag on the organization and takes the focus off the things that matter. (Like customers and revenue!)

Employees must know that what you say on Monday is still valid on Thursday. Whenever they bring you an issue or a suggestion, you respond the same way each time.

Three tips on being a consistent leader:

1. Like getting sober, get into a daily routine. I'm huge on routine, which allows me to perform at my best. Being routine in how your starts goes puts you in the right frame of mind.

2. Pause before responding. Especially if feeling stressed or agitated. Know that there is a vast difference between a response and a reaction. (Read that last line again.) Work and everyone around me is better when I don't react.

3. Be aware of giving conflicting information. When I was a less experienced leader at Bose, I NOW know I needed to be more consistent. It wasn't until it popped up in my personal life that I became aware of it. Watching for it throughout my day made me a much more consistent leader and person. It's okay to change your mind. Just acknowledge to your employees that it is a change and why.

How's your consistency? What's one area you could improve in?

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