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Conviction (The Good Kind)

When a person has conviction, they have a strong belief or opinion about something and are firmly committed to it. Conviction reflects a deep sense of certainty and determination in one's beliefs and values, usually accompanied by a willingness to take action and make the necessary sacrifices to uphold or pursue them.

As someone in recovery, you must have the conviction to remain clean and sober and live a life of purpose.

As a leader, you must have conviction in your vision, personal and organizational purpose, values and ethics, abilities, people and their potential, adaptability and resilience, continuous growth, and achieving your targeted results. Great leaders have the conviction to inspire and motivate others, foster trust, and create a positive and impactful environment.

You'll never be that leader described above if you don't have the conviction to your recovery.

Let me ask, how is your conviction in your recovery and your leadership?

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