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How Anonymous Should a Recovering Leader Be?

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Sometimes one of the things a recovering leader can wrestle with is how anonymous you should be. Actually, there is no should. It's whatever you're comfortable with.

I've always been very public that I don't drink, and I'm in recovery. Now it's not like I wore a medallion around my neck or something, but I never cared if someone knew.

Most employees and clients don't even notice we don't drink. Those in recovery aren't the only ones who drink water or soda at a work event.

It can be a little uncomfortable when you're newly sober and are around people you used to drink with. My advice is to know what you're going to say in advance of the occasion.

The shortest statement is the best. "I'm just sticking with water tonight" works fine. You don't owe anyone anything more than that.

Again, it's your choice to decide how anonymous you are. Do what feels right. Just be sure to protect your sobriety with everything you have.

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