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Joan Rivers and Your Leadership Craft

I saw an article in The New York Times about Joan Rivers on Father's Day. That was especially meaningful as I remember my father enjoying her routines. I'm sure he saw her many times in Las Vegas.

When Joan died, she left a meticulously organized collection of 65,000 typewritten jokes filed in card catalogs as they were used at the library. Joan was dedicated to her craft. She went through highs and lows like the rest of us. Joan was obviously incredibly successful. But she never rested on her laurels. She worked hard and kept pushing herself constantly to be better.

Leadership is also a craft. Where you constantly need to grow and develop. That has a positive impact on your people and results. While you won't see a card catalog expanding, you should be able to identify how you grew last week. Even better, how you grew yesterday and today.

What are you doing to improve your leadership craft? How has your recovery grown in the last week?

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