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Money and Happiness

We all know the old saying that money can’t buy happiness. It’s true. However, money can buy many ways to make a happy life easier and more enjoyable and experience some great things in life, including helping others.

In our addictions, we had to chase money to chase our highs. And for so many of us to give the appearance of success to feed our egos despite the feeling of inferiority. We often got the money in ways we would regret and eventually need to make amends. Raising my hand….

As a result, so many of us in recovery have a poor relationship with money. Often getting further in debt in recovery. I have seen this in those leaders in recovery who feel a need to look successful but are struggling financially. That financial burden can weigh you down mentally. And with interest rates where they are now, keep you going further and further in debt.

The interconnection between money and happiness starts with living within your means. Get out from under crushing debt. I had a client once who told me he couldn’t. He could. His ego wouldn’t let him admit to his family that they couldn’t afford the private schools and other ways of living far beyond what they could afford.

Chase recovery. Peace of mind and happiness do make it easier to make more money. If that’s what you choose. You always have choices. Except when it comes to managing your money correctly. Take action. Remember, the day makes the year. That makes a sober, happy life.

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