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Starting Your Day Over

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I posted this on my site, where I focus on helping companies and individuals achieve long-term growth by maximizing single-day performance. I wouldn't be surprised if you heard this advice when newly sober.

Nothing will ruin your day's productivity and make the day feel longer than when you get in a bad mood. It can happen in a flash. You get an unexpected bill in the mail, or someone sends you an email or Slack message that annoys the hell out of you. BAM! Bad mood!

While it is bad enough that something caused you to feel that way, what's worse is when we carry it throughout our day and with those around us.

Once, when talking with an employee, they pushed back on me for no apparent reason. When I confronted them, they revealed they were having a bad day. I reminded them they didn't need to share their bad day with me.

Did you know that at any time, you can start your day over? That's right. When you feel yourself slipping into negativity, tell yourself you will start your day over. You're doing a mental reset. As simple as it sounds. It works.

I like to add a physical component to it. I will clap my hands and say out loud, "Starting day over."

One thing I like to do when starting the day over is to address whatever puts me in a bad mood. If not, it may sneak up on me again. Call the person from the email or Slack message. Whatever it is, taking action is another tool for starting your day over.

There's no reason to carry a bad mood forward. Just start your day over.

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