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The Sober Leader's Ripple Effect

Leadership is not solely about the actions and decisions made in isolation; it extends far beyond the individual. Great leaders understand that their influence reaches far and wide, creating a ripple effect that can impact their team, organization, and society. This phenomenon, often called the "ripple effect" of a leader, highlights the profound and lasting influence that effective leadership can have on those around them.

Those in recovery can make even bigger "waves" in their ripple. Especially when you live in The Day and strive to be the best person possible. Progress, not perfection, of course. Your leadership can help others grow in their roles and be more successful. You can also help them become even better people, causing more ripple effects. Your life can serve as an example.

I once hired a guy with twenty years of sobriety. He was a disaster. He had a terrible temper. He also made big waves in his ripple. His temper had such a negative effect on so many people. Eventually, I had to terminate him. The only thing that made it worse was discovering that he didn't have twenty years of sobriety. He was secretly drinking. (He told me after he left.) His life sadly also served as an example.

How you live in recovery and act as a leader has countless impacts on others. Make big waves in a positive way!

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