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Time and Growth in Recovery

With over 36 years in recovery, I have seen many people come and stay. I’ve seen many people come and go. I’m very open-minded about what works for people in their recovery. I happily share what’s worked for me. I also don’t believe it is the only way. I think there are many ways to recover.

One other thing I’ve learned is that building up time is essential. It’s why we celebrate anniversaries. But what also matters is how much you’ve changed and evolved from the person you were. Also, if you are still on the journey to the potential of who you can be.

I’ve seen people with ten or twenty years still not much different than who they were when they put down the drink and/or drug. Thankfully they did. They’ve also missed out on the incredible opportunity the journey gives them to evolve and grow. I’ve also seen people with eight months or three years who have grown far more than those with ten or twenty times the amount of sobriety.

Celebrate the time you have. You’ve earned it. Don’t miss out on the potential to live an even better life. To make a difference to those around you. As a leader, you can impact so many people. Don’t miss the chance to do so. Grow, change, and rack up the time. That’s a good life.

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