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Why or Why Not

One thing experience and recovery have both taught me is to look at both sides of an issue. It ensures there is no bias getting in the way. We all have a bias. Sometimes the bias is to take the easy way. It may be to avoid a difficult or unpopular decision. Or a difficult conversation. The bias can also be stuck in “we always do it that way.”

To look at both sides of an issue, ask yourself:

1) why you should do it.

2) why you shouldn’t

I did that recently with a client who couldn’t decide whether to promote someone. He was leaning towards doing so, but something was nagging at him. When we went through the Why and Why Not, it was clear it wasn’t the right decision. Yet. The best part was that he quickly identified what he needed to do to get the person ready.

Why or Why Not. Simple. Effective. Try it out. Why not.

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